Trip to Burma and Kathina offering - October 25th - November 11th 2012

Trip to Burma


Discovery of Burma, Buddhism and
Kathina offering at Pa
ṇḍitārāma Maymyo  
October 25th -  November 11th 2012

         Burma (or Myanmar) is the Land of Dhamma.
       Indeed, according to the legend, 49 days after his Enlightenment, while the Buddha was sitting at the foot of the Rājāyatana tree (Buchanania Latifolia), two merchants brothers Tapussa et Bhallika, travelling from Ukkalāpa to the Majjhima aera, approach the Blessed One. They offered him honey rice cakes and then took refuge in the Buddha and the Dhamma. Complying to their request, the Buddha offered them some of his hair. The two brothers, who were overwhelmed with joy brought them back in their native town named Pokkharavatī. Then, they had a stupa built on the Singuttara hill, where the hair of the Buddha was enshrined. This stupa is the Shwedagon Pagoda, which at night illuminates Yangon with golden rays.

    Nowadays, Burma is a country where Theravāda Buddhism is still flourishing.  With 300 000 to 500 000 monks and 75 000 nuns, and a people much devoted to the Buddha sāsana, the Wheel of the Dhamma is still turning. According to some monks, there are still fully enlightened beings, Arahants to be found there.

          Life over there is more and more difficult.

         Thus, we are very much honored and happy to be able to offer support to our Dhamma brothers and sisters in Burma. This year, with some Dhamma friends, we will be the main donors for the Kathinarobe offering at the monastery of Paṇḍitārāma Maymyo in upper Burma. This celebration traditionally takes place at the end of the vassa, the rain retreat.  We will also make offerings of the 4 requisites in different monasteries and nunneries in Burma.

         Besides, we will go and pay homage to Buddha relics, visit some important spiritual places, have some meditation, meet monks and nuns, have some Dhamma discussion with them, and discover the beauty of Burma’s landscape and recharge our batteries in its nature.

          And this opportunity to go and discover Burma and Buddhism in its traditional aspects, to practice dāna and contribute to support the sagha and thus, sow great wholesome deeds in this incomparable field of merits… this rare and precious opportunity, we would like to share it with all of you.

You are welcome to join us to sow the seeds of generosity, sharing, loving-kindness and peace in Burma.

With mettā
Sayagyi Daw Sobhanā and Sayalay Ma Candasobhā

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KATHINA 2012 offering
Offering of the 4 requisites

Here are the many fields of merits where to sow our dana seeds: 

  * Offering of the 4 requisites to Sayadawgyi U Pandita  (Abbot of Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon (Yangon) 

*  Offering of meal (breakfast and lunch) at Paṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon

Offering of meal (breakfast and lunch) au centre de méditation Paṇḍitārāma Hse Main Gon (Bago)

*  Offering for Kathina at Pa
ṇḍitārāma Maymyo

*  Offering of medicine to the studying nuns at Pa
ṇḍitārāma Shwe Taung Gon

* Offering of lunch and the 4 requisites at  
Myasekkya studying monastery (Sagaing)

*  Offering of the 4 requisites to
Sayadaw U Insadiri (Shwetaung)

* Offering of breakfast and the 4 requisites at  
Yo Sayadaw (Tipitakadhara)’s studying monastery (Yangon)

*  Offering of the 4 requisites to a
studying nunnery (Yangon)

*  D
āna to support the volunteers helping at Paṇḍitārāma Yangon, Bago and Maymyo

*  Offering for the Buddhist Culture Course in Summer: the purpose of this summer course is to nurture and raise a new generation for the s
āsana. During this course, students are to ordain as novices and nuns and they are trained in Buddhist culture from both practical and theoretical aspects. Each year about 500 students participated in Panditarama Forest Center.

*  Offering of light at Shwedagon Pagagoda…

  You can join and participate to this rare and great dāna, offering with joy, according to your possibilities.

 May all donors, departed ones, all beings.
Be always well, happy and at peace
We share our merits with all beings.
May we be able to attain Nibbāna in the near furture
Sādhu! Sādhu! Sādhu!

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